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Ms. Venable in the Conservatory with the Lead Pipe

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Colleen AF Venable
7 January 1980
You might know me from such films as "Colleen's Fourth Birthday Party" and "Colleen Falls Down Over and Over Again While Ice Skating".

I've had a rock stuck in my knee since 1986.

I eat cereal for almost every meal.

I learned to make arm-pit farts at the age of 28.

I have a huge connect-the-dots tattoo.

While my leg has had some modest internet fame, my hands have had even more.

I have over 1,712 pictures of myself posing unhappily with stuffed giraffes.

I am a cartoon by Scott Bateman who talks about it.


I have a bad habit of improvising songs and hosting underground radio shows.

I am often holding YA books or graphic novels, watching Phyllis Diller films, and covered in ink.

I am a proud supporter and co-creator of Lumberjack Day. (every Sept. 26) www.lumberjackdaydotcomwastaken.com or I guess www.lumberjackday.net works as well.

I have a bad habit of buying domain names at 4am.

During the day I work as the designer for :01 FIRST SECOND BOOKS, the best graphic novel publisher in the world. I love it more than I love having feet and I really do love having feet. They keep my shoes on.

I smell...


My Connect-the-Dots Tattoo was chosen for a Book O' Tattoo Weirdos

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Hehe. Pirates. That's a good one.

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